Month: September 2017

Mountain Dew Extreme X Demo

A good news story | Mr P Foundation

Every now and again you get to be part of telling some of the many feel good stories happening each day in this beautiful country of ours. Micaela didn’t allow where she started to define her current trajectory. Her manager told me she was astounded at how quickly Micaela has risen through the ranks. Micaela loves what she does, which has helped her make the best of this opportunity. Read more

This was my first outing with the really neat Cactus portable flash lighting kit. It’s a joy being able to get in and out of places with minimal weight and set up time. Simply put, my key light is a small soft box to camera left. A large shoot through umbrella added a highlight to her left cheek and lit up the shop interior behind Micaela.

Equally special was meeting another respected photographer, Pierre Tostee, who also happens to be my client at Mr P Foundation. He had this to say after the shoot.

“Beautiful work Julian! You not only captured the images we needed but more importantly our heart as a brand. It’s such a privilege to work with a true professional and we look forward to working with you in the future.”