Month: January 2018

Gartner Symposium ITxpo

I’ve photographed my fair share of conferences and the 2017 Gartner ITxpo has to be one of the best run in Cape Town. CTICC hosted this world class event.

Blue Man Group | Sun International

This is not your average everyday performance crew. I am still profoundly affected by my exposure to STOMP! in the early 90’s, so it was difficult not comparing. I’m no critic, but I reckon that the Blue Man Group takes it to the next level.

Clevva | Ryan Falkenberg

My eldest unmarried son, Thorin, joined me on this portrait shoot at Clevva, Stellenbosch on a rainy November morning. It was worth a long wait and several games of Foosball to find the elusive gap in the weather. Thank goodness he held tightly to that Cactus softbox. His (and God’s) assistance made this dramatic lighting possible.

AI is a scary term for some people, however it certainly seems like it has an application in South Africa’s call centres. Read more on how it actually works here.