Author: juliangoldswain

Gartner Symposium ITxpo

I’ve photographed my fair share of conferences and the 2017 Gartner ITxpo has to be one of the best run in Cape Town. CTICC hosted this world class event.

Blue Man Group | Sun International

This is not your average everyday performance crew. I am still profoundly affected by my exposure to STOMP! in the early 90’s, so it was difficult not comparing. I’m no critic, but I reckon that the Blue Man Group takes it to the next level.

Clevva | Ryan Falkenberg

My eldest unmarried son, Thorin, joined me on this portrait shoot at Clevva, Stellenbosch on a rainy November morning. It was worth a long wait and several games of Foosball to find the elusive gap in the weather. Thank goodness he held tightly to that Cactus softbox. His (and God’s) assistance made this dramatic lighting possible.

AI is a scary term for some people, however it certainly seems like it has an application in South Africa’s call centres. Read more on how it actually works here.

Shimansky Diamond and Champagne Experience

Finally at the ripe old age of 43, I experienced my first helicopter flip compliments of Shimansky and Cape Town Helicopters. After a scenic flight over the Atlantic Seaboard, we touched down at Groot Constantia wine farm. The cellar tour was followed by a sumptuous wine and chocolate pairing experience, topped off with canapes. Post lunch we were whisked back to the Shimansky Clock Tower Showroom to learn why diamonds and tanzanite are exquisite in so many ways. It was a real treat to be a part of this day, hang out with some top bloggers, and shoot from the air. The pictures tell the story.

iSelect Portrait Project

Merchants commissioned me to capture some playful portraits of their staff at iSelect. The team got creative and exhibited some gymnastic skills with their posing and positioning of the white board. The end product was an eye catching, life size wallpaper designed by DHK Architects for their iSelect call centre interior.

2017 IT Personality of the Year

IT Web commissioned me to shoot the Cape Town nominees for this year’s award. It’s always a bit tough matching another photographer’s lighting for a national project, but this was an easier task somehow. There’s just something timeless about grey backgrounds and black & white.

Keeping it really, really simple with one small softbox to camera right did the trick. It’s all about positioning the lighting angle, the sitter and watching the distance from the subject to the background. Finally getting that bit of sparkle from the Baratang put the cherry on top. I’m afraid no tutorial can teach you how to connect with people. You either love human beings or you don’t.  People are unpredictable, products don’t talk back. Photograph your passion.

Cape Town Carnival 2017

Based loosely on Rio’s Carnival, the Cape Town Carnival is our very own African version. The 2017 Parade story began at the edge of the sea, emerging at the surface, plunging down to the depths and into the abyss. Floats varied from the Sun Godess to the Angler Fish.

Shooting on the street in amongst the performers and press gang at night was quite a challenging experience. Fortunately no lenses were dropped and I managed to stay upright on both feet while keeping focused on the fast moving flotillas.