Cape Town Carnival 2017

Based loosely on Rio’s Carnival, the Cape Town Carnival is our very own African version. The 2017 Parade story began at the edge of the sea, emerging at the surface, plunging down to the depths and into the abyss. Floats varied from the Sun Godess to the Angler Fish.

Shooting on the street in amongst the performers and press gang at night was quite a challenging experience. Fortunately no lenses were dropped and I managed to stay upright on both feet while keeping focused on the fast moving flotillas.


Arch for the Arch

It was a special moment celebrating Desmond Tutu’s birthday from behind my lens. I covered the event for sponsor’s Liberty when the unique monument was unveiled at the entrance to the Company’s Garden in Cape Town on the 7th October. The dome shaped “Arch for Arch”, monument is constructed of bent wood with the 14 “strands” of the structure inscribed with excerpts from South Africa’s Constitution. A beautiful reminder to the Mother City of who has gone before us.

Ripple of Hope | Matseke Luncheon

It’s not everyday you get to rub shoulders with luminaries like Ahmed Kathrada, Graça Machel, Desmond Tutu and the late Robert F Kennedy’s extended family. This was not your average free lunch.